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If your business or organisation operates in the New Forest Area, then it is eligible for a listing in the Business Directory. Simply complete the form on the left and submit it for review. All submissions are manually checked and approved in order to ensure the integrity of the Directory.

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A Link Listing displays everything about your business, including a link to your website from New Forest Online. Link Listings also benefit from preferred positioning at the top of the New Forest Directory pages. Submitting a Link Listing for inclusion on New Forest Online is a fantastic way to get noticed and a great way to increase traffic to your website, whilst contributing to improved search engine rankings.
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About Link Building

In the early days of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) it was pretty easy to improve your search engine page results (SERPS) by 'keyword stuffing', keyword 'cloaking' and by using various other underhand methods. This didn't really help anyone - users lost out because they weren't getting the 'best' results from search engines - they were getting 'manipulated' results. This all changed when search engine websites like Google started to use complex algorithms to determine what websites deserved to appear higher up the rankings. The quality of the SERPS started to improve and it became harder to get good results using 'black hat' methods.

One of the most important factors that search engines take into account is the number and quality of 'backlinks' that a website has. 'Backlinks' are links that lead to your website from another website. The theory is that if one site linked to another, then site being linked to must be worth finding. The more good quality backlinks a site has, the better it ranks.

New Forest Online is a good quality Business Directory and a perfect place to obtain a backlink for your website if you're based in the New Forest. In addition, our Website Design customers automatically quality for preferred positioning on our directory, helping to jump-start an online presence.

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