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Mewstone Cottage

Sway, New Forest

Holidays - Self Catering Accommodation

Back Lane, Sway, Hampshire, SO41 6BU

Telephone: 01590 681243
Mobile: 07831468060
Fax: 01590 683496Description: Delightful self-contained apartment for 4 in the heart of the New Forest. Double bedroom and bathroom and fully fitted kitchen. Pretty lounge with two double sofabeds, plasma TV, DVD and wireless internet. All with stunning views of the forest.

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Sway, New Forest

Bed and Breakfasts

Antlers, Arnewood Bridge Road,, Sway, Hampshire, SO41 6DA

Telephone: 01 425 616 425

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Tiverton Bed and Breakfast

Sway, New Forest

Bed and Breakfasts

9 Cruse Close, Sway, Hampshire, SO41 6AY

Telephone: 01590 683092
Fax: 01590 683092Description: Tiverton is a chalet bungalow in a quiet cul-de-sac offering ground floor and first floor suites. Both suites have ensuite facilities and private sitting rooms with television, video, hairdryer, fridge, tea and coffee making facilities.

Basic Listing

Angel Inn The

108 High Street, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 9AP

Telephone: 01590 672050
Fax: 01590 671661

Basic Listing


Waters Green, Brockenhurst, Hampshire, SO42 7RG

Telephone: 01590 624536
Fax: 01590 624536

Basic Listing

Bay Tree House

Bed and Breakfasts

1 Clough Lane, Burley, Ringwood, Hampshire, BH24 4AE

Telephone: 01425 403215
Fax: 01425 403215

Basic Listing


11 Noel Close, Brockenhurst, Hampshire, SO42 7RP

Telephone: 01590 623946

Basic Listing

Bridge House

Lyndhurst Road, Brockenhurst, Hampshire, SO42 7TR

Telephone: 01590 623916

Basic Listing


Ogdens, Fordingbridge, Hampshire, SP6 2PY

Telephone: 01425 653264

Basic Listing

Budd's Farm

Winsor Road, Winsor, Southampton, Hampshire, SO40 2HN

Telephone: 023 8081 2381

Basic Listing

Burwood Lodge

27 Romsey Road, Lyndhurst, Hampshire, SO43 7AA

Telephone: 023 8028 2445
Fax: 023 8028 4104

Basic Listing


Guest Houses

12 Ashleigh Close, Hythe, Southampton, Hampshire, SO45 3QP

Telephone: 023 8084 6664

Basic Listing

Cherry Tree

Hundred Lane, Portmore, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 5RG

Telephone: 01590 672990

Basic Listing

Cherry Trees

Cherry Trees, Lyminton Road, Milford-On-Sea, Hampshire, SO41 0QL

Telephone: 01590 643746

Basic Listing

Clarendon Villa

Gosport Lane, Lyndhurst, Hampshire, SO43 7BL

Telephone: 023 8028 2803
Fax: 023 8028 4303

Basic Listing

Clayhill House

Clayhill, Lyndhurst, Hampshire, SO43 7DE

Telephone: 02380 282304
Fax: 02380 282093

Basic Listing

Close, The

12 Shelley Close, Highcliffe, Dorset, BH23 4HW

Telephone: 01425 273559

Basic Listing

Clovenway House

Clovenway House, Forest Road, Nomansland, Hampshire, SP5 2BN

Telephone: 01794 390620
Fax: 01794 390620

Basic Listing

Colbury Manor

Jacobs Gutter Lane, Eling, Southampton, Hampshire, SO40 9FY

Telephone: 023 8086 2283
Fax: 023 8086 5545

Basic Listing

Corner House, The

Betsy Lane, Bransgore, Christchurch, Hampshire, BH23 8AQ

Telephone: 01425 673201

Basic Listing


Bed and Breakfasts

Lyndhurst Road, Brockenhurst, Hampshire, SO42 7RL

Telephone: 01590 622478

Basic Listing

Crossways Guest House

Mead End Road, Sway, Sway, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 6EE

Telephone: 01590 682239

Basic Listing


Bed and Breakfasts

6 Emsworth Road, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 9BL

Telephone: 01590 676108
Fax: 01590 688275

Basic Listing


Chapel Lane, Lyndhurst, Hampshire, SO43 7FG

Telephone: 023 8028 2685
Fax: 023 8028 2685

Basic Listing


Sway Road, Bashley, New Milton, Hampshire, BH25 5QP

Telephone: 01425 619001
Fax: 01425 619001

Basic Listing

Forest Gate Lodge

Bed and Breakfasts

161 Lyndhurst Road, Ashurst, Hampshire, SO40 7AW

Telephone: 023 8029 3026
Fax: 023 8029 3026

Basic Listing

Forest tree House

Forest Cottage, Pound Lane, Burley, Hampshire, BH24 4ED

Telephone: 01425 402305

Basic Listing

Fritham Farm

Fritham, Lyndhurst, Hampshire, SO43 7HH

Telephone: 02380 812333
Fax: 02380 812333

Basic Listing

Gainsborough Hotel

Marine Drive East, Barton-On-Sea, Hampshire, BH25 7DX

Telephone: 01425 610541

Basic Listing

Golden Hayes

9 Chestnut Road, Brockenhurst, Hampshire, SO42 7RF

Telephone: 01590 623743

Basic Listing

Gorley tea Rooms, The

North Gorley, Fordingbridge, Hampshire, SP6 2PB

Telephone: 01425 653427
Fax: 01425 653720

Basic Listing

Great Wells House

Beechwood lane, Burley, Hampshire, BH24 4AS

Telephone: 01425 402302
Fax: 01425 402302

Basic Listing

Grove House

Grove House, Minstead, Lyndhurst, Hampshire, SO43 7GG

Telephone: 023 8081 3211

Basic Listing

Hackney Park

Mount Pleasant Lane, Sway, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 8LS

Telephone: 01590 682049

Basic Listing

Hare & Hounds

Public Houses, Bars & Inns

The Durnstown, Sway, Hampshire, SO41 6AL

Telephone: 01590 682404

Basic Listing

Harts Lodge

242 Everton Road, Everton, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 0HE

Telephone: 01590 645902

Basic Listing

Heather Cottage

Bed and Breakfasts

Chapel lane, Sway, Brockenhurst, Hampshire, SO41 6BS

Telephone: 01590 682347
Mobile: 07796411433

Basic Listing


Hideaway, Middle Common Road, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 8LE

Telephone: 01590 676974

Basic Listing


2 fir Hill, Aldershot, Fordingbridge, Hampshire, SP6 3AY

Telephone: 01425 652582
Fax: 01425 657587

Basic Listing


Bisterne Close, Burley, Hampshire, BH24 4AZ

Telephone: 01425 402307
Fax: 01425 402307

Basic Listing

Hucklesbrook Farm

South Gorley, Fordingbridge, Hampshire, SP6 2PN

Telephone: 01425 653180

Basic Listing

Hurst End

Clayhill, Lyndhurst, Hampshire, SO43 7DE

Telephone: 023 8028 2606

Basic Listing


47 Waterford Lane, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 3PT

Telephone: 01590 672148

Basic Listing


169 Stem Lane, New Milton, Hampshire, BH25 5ND

Telephone: 01425 615435
Fax: 01425 615435

Basic Listing

Kents Farmhouse

Kents Farmhouse, Windsor Road, Windsor, Southampton, Hampshire, SO40 2HN

Telephone: 023 8081 3497
Fax: 023 8081 3497

Basic Listing

Kingsbridge House

Kingsbridge House, Southampton Road, Cadnam, Hampshire, SO40 2NH

Telephone: 023 8081 1161

Basic Listing

Kingston Cottage

Lower Sany Down, Boldre, Lymington, Hampshire, S041 8PP

Telephone: 01590 623501

Basic Listing

Kingswood Cottage

10 Woodlands Road, Ashurst, Hampshire, SO40 7AD

Telephone: 023 8029 2582
Fax: 023 8029 3435

Basic Listing

Laburnum Cottage

19 Carrington Lane, Milford on Sea, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 0RA

Telephone: 01590 644225

Basic Listing

Laurel Lodge

48 Western Avenue, Barton-On-Sea, Hampshire, BH25 7PZ

Telephone: 01425 618309

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