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to Saturday

Ref. 2721

Unsettling Landsacpes: The Art of the Eerie - Lymington

Have you ever felt the hairs on your neck stand up? Are you familiar with the expression ‘someone walked across my grave’ or get the feeling that someone is looking at you? The new exhibition at St Barbe, Unsettled Landscapes: The Art of Eerie, looks beyond the stereotypical image of the British countryside from the 20th and 21st centuries. It is an unquiet contrast to the pastoral tradition, imagery that ‘trips, bites and troubles.’ Unique to St Barbe, this exhibition is co-curated by celebrated author Robert Macfarlane, who explains eerie as the ‘form of fear which is felt first as unease then as dread, and it tends to be incited by glimpses and tremors rather than outright attack. Horror specialises in confrontation and aggression; the eerie in intimation and intimidation.’ The artwork is carefully curated to create the eerie atmosphere and is grouped around four overlapping themes: Ancient Landscapes — features that are inexplicable and mysterious that connect us to the unknown distant past; Unquiet Nature — natural forms used to unsettling effect, such as trees, lonely expanses of heath and the borderlands where different worlds meet; Absence/Presence — how the inclusion or absence of figures and objects invoke the eerie through uncertainty and suggestion; Atmospheric Effect — the influence of weather, season, light and time of day on our responses to landscape. Artists represented include Paul Nash, Graham Sutherland, John Piper, Monica Poole, Henry Moore, Ithell Colquhoun, Edward Burra, George Shaw, Ingrid Pollard, Laurence Edwards, Blaze Cyan and Annie Ovenden. Also featured are illustrations for the ghost stories of M R James and eerie artwork from the Ghost Box record label Come and see for yourself – art doesn’t always conform to the ‘chocolate box’ tradition, this exhibition is guaranteed to make you think!

Location: St Barbe musem and Art Gallery
Michelle Kirwan
Tel: 01590 676969


to Saturday

Ref. 2723

The 62 Group of Textile Artists - Lymington

Exhibiting in Lymington for the first time this highly regarded group of Textile Artists work explores the working relationship that artists have with the world around them. It includes a special project by Emily Jo Gibbs, ‘The Boat Builders’ starring apprentices working at Berthon Boat Company.

General Admission Charge
Location: St Barbe musem and Art Gallery
Michelle Kirwan
Tel: 01590 676969

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